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EGW Fiber Optic Front Sight 60 Deg .170"

Product #: 15002
Price: $34.99


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EGW offers Dovetail front sights that are oversized for custom fitting.

They are fully machined from tool steel and drilled for a fiber optic rod.

Two unique factors of these sights are that they are not drilled through, leaving a cleaner look in the front of the sight and they are supported in 3 different places.

The Standard Dovetail depth is .070? and .330? wide.

The Novak Dovetail depth is .075? and .330? wide.

The Para Blank is machined to match Para?s front sight cut.

The Kimber Blank fits both Kimber and Springfield sight cuts.

NOTE: When installing the fiber optic rod, use a small dab of crazy glue where the rod will touch the middle support of the sight.

Do not put glue on the front support or the back support as it will be much more difficult to uninstall/reinstall the rod for future modifications.

Each sight is supplied with 1 green and 1 red fiber optic rod.

We are unable to ship this item outside of the United States. If this item is purchased as part of an international order, the item will be removed from the order. The account will be refunded for the item, and the remainder of the order will ship.

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