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EGW Hard Sear 1911
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EGW Hard Sear 1911

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Machined from: American-made tool steel and vacuum heat treated yielding 52-53 on the RC scale.

For crisper trigger jobs that last longer, add an EGW Hard Sear. EGW sears are fully machined from proprietary US tool steel, then vacuum heat treated for the best possible combination of strength, wear-resistance and durability. EGW has also made minimal geometric improvements to the original sear spec; grinding the hammer contact surface to ensure strength.

Since 1992 EGW has sold tens of thousands of sears to the demanding fields of competition and military shooting. Many of the top 1911 shooters use EGW components within their guns because EGW's machined-from-solid parts have proven to work better than their OEM counterparts.

FACT: Top steel challenge shooter, Mickey Fowler, took an EGW Hard Sear and Koenig hammer out of the package, made just slight adjustments to his sear spring and successfully shot the steel challenge!

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Reviewed by mac9962
09/25/2015 - 10:26:36 PM
I have this sear in all three of my bullseye pistols, one has over 15thousands rounds and still holding a crisp clean break! Doesn't get better than that.