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EGW HD Ambi Thumb Safety Machined from Barstock Blue
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EGW HD Ambi Thumb Safety Machined from Barstock Blue

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Machined from: Heat treated steel
Finish: Blued Carbon Steel

Included Parts:
Left Side Ambi Safety
Right Side Ambi Safety
.797" Hammer Pin (for narrow frames ex: .750" wide)

.807" Hammer Pin (for wider frames ex: .765" wide NOT for STI)
Sear Pin
Ambi Sleeve

EGW is excited to be one of the few to offer a machined from solid steel thumb safety. We saw a need for a cleaner, more solid design as a result of consistent failures of inferior cast and MIM thumb safeties currently on the market. The only way to keep the safeties as straight as possible is to heat treat the steel and then machine it in the hardened condition. The thumb safety is serrated for better gripping capability. 

Both paddles are machined from solid blocks of heat treated steel.

  1. We include 2 special hammer pins for frames that measure .750 to .765 wide.
  2. The hammer pin is also the down stop for the right paddle.
  3. Using our swiss screw machines, we manufacture the hammer pins, shortened flat headed .110 sear pin, and our Patent Pending sleeve. The parts are all heat treated.
  4. The ambi joint is machined and flat. Not tapered which tends to work out and loosen over time.
  5. The sleeve joins each side inside the frame tangs. The grip safety rides on the round sleeve and is not influenced when operating the safety.
  6. The sleeve prevents the safety from expanding where the sides join.
  7. The sleeve functionally makes each side longer for more secure operation and less flex.
  8. On the safety lug that contacts the frame on the left hand side, we machine a radius down stop instead of a pointed contact found on many safeties
  9. The t-slot on the right hand side prevents the safety from walking out.
  10. No need to relieve your right hand grips for the safety.

This thumb safety still requires fitting for proper function in your 1911 and is not a drop in part. 

STI width pins are now available.

*Patent Pending*

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by desmoandrew
12/28/2017 - 05:42:07 PM
Best Abmi Safety Out There
I've bought two of these so far for my builds. I quite like that the thumb pads are large, large enough to allow me to trim them to what works well for my hands. I also really like the use of the captive pin to hold the RH paddle on. Much nicer than others which require a small flap to fit under the grip panel. These do take a bit more fitting, but when you are done it is very nice.
Reviewed by bought "EGW HD Ambi Thumb Safety Machined from Barstock Blue" on our website
05/19/2016 - 12:54:31 PM
Superior Design and Manufacturing
This is THE ambidextrous 1911 thumb safety for the competitor and/or left-handed shooter. The paddles are the same size as each other, and wide but not too wide. Everything about this kit says "quality".
Reviewed by derrprecision
derrprecision bought "EGW HD Ambi Thumb Safety Machined from Barstock Blue" on our website
04/22/2016 - 08:16:22 AM
The best Ambi safety on the market
The EGW ambi safety is my go to safety for any build that requires a hard use ambidextrous safety. The center sleeve and locking hammer pin which comes in two length make it string and secure, no chance of it walking out. The kit even includes a flush cut sear pin. It's as turn key as you want after fitting the sear blocking tab. Both sides allow for customizing the wide paddle if you wish. Clients who are primary left handers love it.[IMG][/IMG]