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HD Ambi Thumb Safety SS
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HD Ambi Thumb Safety SS

Product #: 11322
Price: $139.99


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Machined from: Heat treated steel
Finish: Stainless Steel

Use our ambi to upgrade your single sided 1911 or as a replacment for your worn out or broken ambi.

Included Parts:
Left Side Ambi Safety
Right Side Ambi Safety
.797" Hammer Pin (for narrow frames ex: .750" wide)

.807" Hammer Pin (for wider frames ex: .765" wide NOT for STI)
Sear Pin
Ambi Sleeve

EGW is excited to be one of the few to offer a machined from solid steel thumb safety. We saw a need for a cleaner, more solid design as a result of consistent failures of inferior cast and MIM thumb safeties currently on the market. The only way to keep the safeties as straight as possible is to heat treat the steel and then machine it in the hardened condition. The thumb safety is serrated for better gripping capability. 

Both paddles are machined from solid blocks of heat treated steel.

  1. We include 2 special hammer pins for frames that measure .750 to .765 wide.
  2. The hammer pin is also the down stop for the right paddle.
  3. Using our swiss screw machines, we manufacture the hammer pins, shortened flat headed .110 sear pin, and our Patent Pending sleeve. The parts are all heat treated.
  4. The ambi joint is machined and flat. Not tapered which tends to work out and loosen over time.
  5. The sleeve joins each side inside the frame tangs. The grip safety rides on the round sleeve and is not influenced when operating the safety.
  6. The sleeve prevents the safety from expanding where the sides join.
  7. The sleeve functionally makes each side longer for more secure operation and less flex.
  8. On the safety lug that contacts the frame on the left hand side, we machine a radius down stop instead of a pointed contact found on many safeties
  9. The t-slot on the right hand side prevents the safety from walking out.
  10. No need to relieve your right hand grips for the safety.

This thumb safety still requires fitting for proper function in your 1911 and is not a drop in part.

STI width Pins are now available.

*Patent Pending*

Warning: This product may be alloyed with trace amounts of lead and other elements which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. To prevent exposure, do not alter the product by welding, grinding, etc. For more information, go to

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Lesliet
02/02/2019 - 08:00:53 PM
Quite happy with this safety!
Took the time to register, just to add another good review. I'm putting together a Springfield Range Officer in 9mm for Speed Steel. Being a lefty, an ambidextrous safety was needed, and the MIM one I tried was pretty flexy. This one needed a fair bit of fitting, mainly where it engages the sear, but the results are the most solid feeling safety I've ever tried. Once you've pulled out the mainspring housing and the flat spring, you can see where the safety engages the sear pretty clearly; if you're good with mechanisms, this job isn't too hard. The videos on fitting a standard 1911 safety on youtube are pretty clear. I didn't need to do any fitting on the right side safety at all. The right grip did need a deep relief at the top to allow the safety to drop fully to its stop.
The machining on this safety is stellar, very impressed with both the form and the function.
Thanks, EGW!
Reviewed by BASE772
09/13/2015 - 07:39:00 AM
Very Nice!
After witnessing and hearing of broken ambidextrous thumb safety's during matches I up graded to EGW's safety. Always been happy with the quality of their parts so the price point wasn't an issue.
I was not disappointed. A rock solid design in my opinion. I put it on an STI Trojan so got the STI pin. Was perfect.
The hammer pin which is also the capture pin fit perfect also.
The thumb tabs were a little wider and square toward the rear for my taste but was easily filed down and smoothed out.

Great product,...probably the best of its kind on the market.
Reviewed by sthomer
02/14/2015 - 04:11:30 PM
EGW Ambi Thumb Safety
I am a fan of captive pin ambi thumb safeties. I have several, and this one is far and away the best. Excellent machining all around. It's flat where it is supposed to be, and the slot is precisely cut. For a couple of reasons, the sleeve is a stroke of genius.

Other than fitting the left safety to the sear, installation was a snap. I kissed the flats of the tenon with a file so it was a slip fit into the mortise and deepened the chamfer on the hammer pin hole so the pin would sit flush in the receiver. I reamed the undersized hole in the EGW GS and kissed the frame sides of the safeties with a stone to see if there were any high spots (there were none). Everything fit together beautifully. It is a real joy to work with well machined billet parts rather than cast or MIM. I liked it so much I just ordered another.