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HD Slide Stop for Colt ACE
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HD Slide Stop for Colt ACE

Product #: 11020
Price: $49.99


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Machined from: 4140 Steel
Finish: Blued carbon steel only
Weight: 0.3 oz (9g)
Pin size: .200" - .201"
Calibers: .45 or 9mm/.38/.40

EGW is proud to offer our Oversized Slide Stop as an addition to our Heavy Duty line of 1911 parts. This slide stop is finished with serrations on the pad for enhanced gripping capabilities. We do not have any slide stops with a smooth pad. This slide stop is made specifically for the Colt ACE and other .22 caliber 1911s. Also available with a .200" pin or a .203" pin for other 1911s.

Warning: This product may be alloyed with trace amounts of lead and other elements which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. To prevent exposure, do not alter the product by welding, grinding, etc. For more information, go to

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Reviewed by JOHNS1873
06/18/2016 - 10:29:25 PM
Colt Ace slide stop--they work great
The Ace slide stops made by Colt are marked "2" on the back to indicate that they work along with Colt's .22LR mag to lock the slide back after the last round. These are marked with an "A" on the back, I guess for "Ace" and so they will not be misrepresented as original Colt parts, but I wish they were just marked with a "2". These things flat work. I have yet to fire a "last round" and not have this slide lock back (with a good mag). They have functioned flawlessly. I came into 3 incomplete Colt conversion kits / Ace slides from an estate and bought three of these stops. All worked perfectly. I just got 5 more parts sets from the same estate (I won't call them conversion kits - all are incomplete) and none had slide stops so just ordered 5 more of these.