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Monogrammed Spring Plug - Blue - "Skull & Crossbones"

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Monogrammed plugs can only be used with mono bushings and vice versa.

The EGW Monogram Bushing has the look of the EGW Carry Bevel Bushing combined with a solid spring plug that is longer to match the thick flange bushing. The combination makes for a very clean appearance. 

We then took it up a notch and made a special bushing that has not only the carry bevel, but a radius at each side on the bottom. We wanted to offer custom engraving on the spring plug to make your gun unique to you, BUT... we found the spring plug rotates during firing! We then developed a matched bushing and spring plug pair where the bushing keys into the spring plug. Now, not only will the spring plug not be susceptible to wear from rotating around while shooting, but your custom logo will stay square and true. 

Monogrammed bushing and spring plug sets are available in Stainless Steel and blued Carbon Steel. 

Available engravings on mono plugs include:
Git R Done
Caspian Logo
HD Logo
Smiley Face
Indian Star
Marine Logo Filled
EGW Logo
Marine Logo Outline
Skull and Crossbones
Air Force Logo
Coast Guard Logo
Army Logo
Navy Logo

Custom engravings are available! Custom engravings can turn an average 1911 into a unique piece of art. All custom spring plugs are an additional $50.00 for creating the program for the engraving process. This is a one-time fee per logo and we do keep logos on file for future purchases. Monogram spring plugs are run every 8 weeks. A custom plug may take longer depending on the intricacy of the emblem. 

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