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Springfield 4" Guide Rod & Spring Kit
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Springfield 4" Guide Rod & Spring Kit

Product #: 10504
Price: $49.99
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This kit reduces recoil and increases longevity of the spring system in 4".
The kit includes a ¼” guide rod, reverse plug and ISMI flat recoil spring.
All systems use a 1/4" guide rod made from solid barstock with a take down hole.
Reverse plugs are Blued carbon steel.
All kits are drop-in.

Meant for use in Springfield 4'' 1911's only.

This guiderod kit is made specific for the Springfield Champion and uses a 22lb. flat wire spring in the kit.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by mainspring
mainspring bought "Springfield 4" Guide Rod & Spring Kit" on our website
06/26/2017 - 04:18:38 PM
Instant fix for balky Campion Operator
Best thing you can do for you Champion Operator.
Balky feeding, and mag sensitivity feeding cured.
Dump the stock dual spring item and put this in.
Reviewed by bought "Springfield 4" Guide Rod & Spring Kit" on our website
04/03/2017 - 02:22:46 PM
THEE best kit out there
I recently purchased a LW Champion Operator with the stupid dual spring guide rod system. Now the system itself isn't so bad but the guide rod screws in to the base plate and therefor unscrews when you fire it! I didn't mess with locktite and super glued the thing in place but sometime during my day at the range the rod work itself loose and disappeared and I didn't notice until I got home and took it down for cleaning. The gun still fired flawlessly!

Anyway, I contacted EGW about this kit that was out of stock and they promptly replied, and as soon as they were back in stock I got an email from a human being letting me know! What a concept! The kit came in this morning and I have so far fired 150 rounds of ball ammo and about 20 rounds of 230+p ammo, and I've got to say the felt recoil is much less, and reliability is at 100%, even with lower grade ball ammo. I figure if it will shoot crap dirty ammo then it's good to go with about anything else.

I am more than happy with this kit, and it comes exactly how you see it, paper clip and all, for a easy 1 minute install. It's the most drop in kit you'll find for these SA 4" guns. If you own a 4" Springfield, buy this kit. Don't wait until your guide rod disappears.

Also, take down is much easier with this kit.
Reviewed by davidkhanks
04/05/2016 - 12:04:45 PM
Wish This Came With My Gun to Begin With
This kit is perfect. My stock two-piece guide rod on my Springfield LW Champion Operator broke at the base plate and shot out onto the range. The gun still fired and I didn't notice until I got home. I didn't want to mess with the two-piece setup anymore so I opted for one of these. This actually wasn't available when I ordered and I had ordered the other 4" guide rod kit that EGW sells and once I placed my order, I called to make sure it would work. Jim, the fantastic customer service rep at EGW, returned my call and let me know that the one I ordered did not fit my gun but that as soon as the correct one became available he would switch it out and get me taken care of. A few days later it had arrived. I dropped it in and it has worked flawlessly. So much better having a stainless steel guide rod vs that crappy piece of plastic that it came with. Highly recommend to anyone with a 4 inch Springfield.