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Thick Flange Bushings Carbon Steel .701" Angle Bore
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Thick Flange Bushings Carbon Steel .701" Angle Bore

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Machined From: Carbon Steel
Finish: Blued
Flange Length: .125" 
Inner Diameter of Your Slide: .701" - this number corresponds to the outer diameter of the bushing
Outer Diameter of Your Barrel: .568" or custom bore if selected - this corresponds to the inner diameter of the bushing, we build in the tolerance
Bore Type: Angle - a tighter fit is able to be achieved due to the angle bore
Recommended Spring Plug: Long Nose (must be purchased separately)

Our Thick Flange bushing is machined from solid barstock steel. 

The flange thickness is .125" which protects the barrel more because it sticks out farther than the spec bushing. 

Available in Stainless Steel and blued Carbon Steel. 

Gunsmith Fit is available in all O.D.'s with a .568" I.D. Straight Bore.

O.D. of the bushing = Inside diameter of your slide - usually .699" - .705"; 
I.D. of the bushing = Outside diameter of your barrel - usually .575" - .583". 

Please measure these two areas with calipers to find the sizes you need. 
Please select your options carefully. 

Please provide exact measurements, as our machinist will allow for clearance.

Check out our FAQ Section for instructions on how to accurately take these measurements. 
Angle Bore is bored on an angle or a snug fit (measurements must be precise); 
Straight Bore is bored straight without variation. 

Please allow 3 weeks for custom bored bushings. 

When choosing a spring plug, choose the EGW Long Nose Spring Plug for a flush fit!

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Reviewed by mhayford
04/01/2017 - 01:55:54 PM
Thick Flange Bushing Angle Bore Fit and Finish
The bushing came machined to exact order measurements and was show room finished. The bushing fit tight on my slide and barrel and gave me the match grade fit I expected.

Great job EGW!