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Which Savage Rail Is Right for Me?

1. What is your action length?
Round back (receiver) actions have two action lengths. Short or Long action. Previously, a 110, 112, 114, 116 series rifle denoted a long action and a 10, 12, 14, 16 denoted a short action. Savage has since changed their numbering system. We recommend measuring your center spread if you aren't 100% sure which action length you have.

Common Savage Short Action Calibers
.22-250 Rem
.223 Rem
.204 Ruger
.243 Win
7mm-08 Rem
6.5 Creedmoor
.338 Federal
.270 WSM

Common Savage Long Action Calibers
.25-06 Rem
.270 Win
.30-06 Spfld
7mm Rem Mag
.300 Win Mag
.280 Ackley
.338 Win Mag
6.5 X 284 Norma

Flat back (receiver) actions have three possible action lengths. We recommend measuring the ejection port opening, the center spread, or the action screw spread to figure out the correct action length for you.

2. What receiver do you have?
Flat Back
Savage rifles manufactured prior to the early 2000's have a receiver with a round front and a flat rear. We call these our "Flat Back Mounts". There are three different action lengths available. Short Action (Model 10), Early Short Action (Model 110), Long Action (Model 110). To purchase the correct mount, please verify your action measurements. We currently only offer HD Savage Flat Backs in Long Action.
HD Flat Back Long Action (Model 110)

Round Back
Savage rifles manufactured after the early 2000's have a receiver with a round front and rear. These will work with our "Round Back Mounts". There are two different action lengths available. Short Action and Long Action. See above common caliber length chart. The Savage Edge/Axis/Axis II mounts are specific for the gun and can be found with the links in section 4.
HD Round Back Short Action
HD Round Back Long Action

3. Is your receiver drilled for #6 screws or #8 screws?
Most Savage recievers are drilled from the factory for #6 screws. The diameter of #6 screws is .13" while the diameter of #8 screws is .16". You can measure the screw diameter in the receiver to see which size you need. Most of our mounts come with #6 screws but also have an option to drill them for #8 screws.

Here are some of the receivers drilled for #8 screws (please check your receiver before purchasing):
10/110 BA Stealth
10/110 Stealth Evolution
110 Scout
110 Wolverine
10 GRS
110 Tactical
110 Tactical LH
110 Tactical Desert
Christensen Arms Ridgeline (Please Check Your Serial Number Here)
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