Meet EGW

General Manager / OEM Sales
Jim comes to EGW with 15+ years of experience in business management and ran his own successful business prior to joining our team. At EGW, Jim handles all the office logistics and oversees orders for EGW’s distributors and catalog houses. In his free time he enjoys bow hunting and sporting clays.

Inventory Control / Advertising
Zac comes to EGW with a Degree in Graphic Design. He has a great eye for detail which makes him an excellent asset in Inventory Control as well. Zac produces all of EGW’s artwork and ads that run in ShotGun News and other media outlets. He enjoys riding his motorcycle in his spare time.

Customer Service Specialist / Retail and Dealer Sales Rep
Cody comes to EGW with a Degree in Recreation & Sports Leadership. He has a background in retail sales & the excellent ability to assist customers with various scenarios. He also takes care of processing and shipping our retail and dealer orders. Cody enjoys hunting, shooting shotguns and air rifles, riding his bicycle with his family & working on restoring bicycles in his free time.

Laser Tech / Inventory Assistant
Al comes to EGW with a background and degree in welding. He is the company fiber laser tech and assists with inventory processes. Al enjoys riding his motorcycle, shooting guns, and working on vehicles in his spare time.

CNC Shop Foreman
Steve walked into EGW with 8 years of machining experience as a CNC machinist. At EGW, he takes parts from concept to reality by writing the programs for the machines. He also orders all the material for the shop. Steve is an avid hunter, shoots sporting clays, and plays volleyball in his free time. Steve has been a member of the EGW Team since 2005.

CNC Department Personnel Manager
Nate comes to EGW from a large company where he had experience in welding and manufacturing trusses. At EGW, he sets up programs, fixtures and operates CNC & EDM machines. He is also in charge of overseeing the shop employees and inspection on a daily basis. He is an avid shooter and has built his own 1911. He also enjoys riding motorcycles.

Machine Operators

Mark P.


Custom Orders
Mark is a tool and die maker by day and a gunsmith by night. At EGW, Mark helps with prototyping and custom jobs. He is a 1000 yard High Master Shooter. For relaxation, he enjoys competition shooting and firearms restoration.

George Smith
George founded EGW in 1991 after working for many years in the machining and firearms industry. He is fully devoted to manufacturing 100% American made products of superior quality. At EGW, he is involved with all aspects of the business from new product design and writing the programs, to speaking with customers on a daily basis. George is a 1911 expert and an accomplished competition shooter. He also enjoys camping with his family & logging.


Solid Works Guru
Kenny comes to EGW with a background in business management and mechanical engineering and works as an Engineering Manager for a machine design firm. Kenny’s contribution to EGW is as a 3D CAD specialist. He documents our custom parts and contributes to the design of new products. In his free time he enjoys golf and competitive pistol shooting.
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