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EGW Certified Picatinny Rail Gauge
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EGW Certified Picatinny Rail Gauge

Product #: 70251
Price: $125.00


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Material: Steel
Finish: None

This picatinny rail gauge is certified to be in picatinny spec. It is measured with gauge pins, gauge blocks, and a keyence microscope to ensure the tightest tolerances.
It is then laser engraved with the Alvin-Nate Certification only available at EGW.

The picatinny rail gauge is manufactured to be a feeler gauge for measuring the specs of your picatinny bases. 
The cutout is made .01" bigger so that you can easily see where the picatinny is tight. 
With measurements for center (true picatinny spec), min and max, you can gauge if your picatinny is +2 or -2 thousandths.

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