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Gunsmith Plate w/ Instructions
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Gunsmith Plate w/ Instructions

Product #: 70580
Price: $110.00


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EGW developed the gunsmith plate for use in-house and after a couple years decided to offer it as a product for our customers. Many gunsmiths report paying for the plate and making money on the second job they do!

We use the plate to:

•Hold slides straight up and on a 15 degree angle for front and rear serrations. •To face the slide at 1 degree for comp installation.
•Flat top and serrate slides and front straps.
•Mill frames for mag wells and hold them safely on both Para and 1911s.
•Locate holes on the frame and mag wells based on the grip escutcheons.
•Ramp barrel cuts from top and front for Para and Wilson/Nowlin cuts.
•Hold slide to cut bushing cut in slide.
•Safely and securely hold slide and frames for any kind of mill work and repairs.


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