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We do not recommend using Quick Disconnect products with our tactical scope mounts. They WILL shear the top of the lugs off. We only recommend using quick disconnects with our HD line of rails.

What Is The Difference Between Standard and HD Rails?

Standard  HD
Made From 6061 Aluminum Made from 7075 Aluminum (80% Stronger)
Regular Anodized  Hardcoat Anodized
"Dog Ear" Cross Slots Full Cross Slots
.400'' High .350'' High

Will This Mount Fit My Receiver?
We manufacture all of our Scope Mounts to precisely fit factory specifications. Each Scope Mount we manufacture is particular to that specific action / receiver.
(For example: A Winchester mount will not work with a Montana Long Action receiver. A Remington Short Action Mount will not fit a Howa / Weatherby Vanguard 1500 Action)

The quickest and simplest way to see if our Scope Mount will fit on your action / receiver is to measure the two middle holes on your receiver center to center as shown in the diagram below. Calipers are suggested for measuring but the nearest 1/16” on a ruler or tape measurer will do.

I am purchasing a mount for my Tikka T3. How do I know which screws I need?
Guns made after 2003 use 6-48 screws. Guns before 2003 use 3.5 x .5 metric screws.

I have received my mount for the Tikka T3 but the screws will not start. What do I do? Did I order the wrong screws?
The diameter of the different-sized screws is within .001”. The thread pitch of the screws is within .001” as well. If the screw you have will not start, neither size will start. This is happening for the following reason:

Tikka T3 receivers are spotted, countersunk, drilled and tapped. Then the top of the receiver is serrated. This can create a problem, as it distorts the metal where the threads start.

Also, the T3 comes with plugs in the scope mount holes, as the gun maker intends for you to use rings on the top dovetail. Oftentimes removing the plugs leaves plastic in the threads, making it difficult to start the screws in the holes.

Using a 6-48 tap, tap the threads to remove the debris. Once you pick out the plastic and start to thread the screw in, the incorrect size screw will begin to get tighter at about 3-4 turns. If this happens, you will need the other screw.

In all the recent cases, once the customer got the screw to start, after 3-4 turns the correct sized screw got easier to turn and went the rest of the way in.

I have purchased a mount from one of your vendors and there is a problem (screws are missing/I’ve received the wrong mount/I am dissatisfied). What are my options?
At EGW, we stand behind our products and will do what we can to ensure that you are as satisfied with them as we are. If you purchase your mount from one of our vendors, we do recommend that you try to resolve any issue with the directly. If you determine that you have received the incorrect size/length screws in a mount that you have purchased from a vendor, please contact us with the model of the mount, and we will be happy to send replacements out to you. We are happy to assist with determining which of our products you require, and will provide what support we can, regardless of where the product has been purchased.

I have received my mount and there are two short screws and two long screws. Where do they go?
The two short screws you have received will go towards the front of the gun. The longer screws will go to the rear, closest to you.

I have received my mount and am ready to install it. How is the mount installed?
If you turn the mount over, you will likely see a relief cut into one end. The ended end of the mount with the relief cut will go towards the front of the gun, towards the muzzle. If your base has any MOA, the base should cant downwards.

I would like to use Weaver rings on my Picatinny base. Where do I mount them?
To properly mount weaver style rings on picatinny bases, push the weaver rings as far forward in the lug as possible. The front of the ring crossbolt should be pushed up against the back of the lug in front of it. This will keep the rings from moving during recoil.