1911 Parts

EGW makes world-class parts for many of the top 1911 manufacturers.

Everything you need to customize your 1911, improve its precision, and keep it functioning smoothly.

  • Available in stainless and blued carbon steel
  • Straight bores, angle bores, carry bevels, thick flange
  • Monogrammed, Officer’s, and National Match
  • A more precise fit for greater accuracy

  • Bushing Categories
Mainspring Housings
  • Customize your 1911 with a wide variety of patterns and styles
  • Arched and flat designs for ideal comfort and grip
  • Smooth, serrated, checkered or your custom pattern
  • Stainless or blued carbon steel—a major upgrade to plastic housings
Thumb Safeties
  • Beavertail Grip and Thumb Safeties in a variety of custom patterns and styles
  • Machined from solid designs for improved reliability and safety
Ignition Kits
  • Everything you need for exceptional match trigger pull
  • Includes hard sear, sear spring, ball head disconnector, hammer
  • Solid or lightened hammers available
  • Your unique design/geometry or Graft your head onto our hammer