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EGW Blog

  1. Bushing Finder

  2. What is M.O.A.?

    What is M.O.A? M.O.A. stands for Minute of Angle. 20 M.O.A. or Minutes of Angle is equal to 1/3 of one degree. Which M.O.A. do I need to purchase? We recommend 0 MOA for shorter distance shooting (0-500 yards). See your scope manual to determine the amount of elevation adjustment or range you have. For long distance shooting we recommend...
  3. EGW Mount Series Explained

    EGW Mount Series Explained
    Which mount works best for my application? What is HD? What is the difference between the Standard and the Hunter mounts? These are some of the most common questions we are asked, and it's time we sat down and put a concise and (hopefully) easy to navigate guide together. The type of mount we may recommend typically depends on your...

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