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EGW Blog

  1. Sig M17 / P320 Cut Dimensions

    Sig M17 / P320 Cut Dimensions
    Sig has quite a few different plate cuts for their optics ready firearms. For non-optic ready guns, check out our dovetail mounting plates for red dots here. We currently make mounts that fit two slide cuts. One for the earlier RX models that came with the original Romeo1 cut. The other style of plate that we make fits the P320...
  2. How We Beat Inflation

    How We Beat Inflation
    The year is 1991. A gallon of gas cost $1.14, a loaf of bread was $0.69 and an ounce of gold cost $362. EGW opened it's doors as a gunsmithing shop, hence Evolution Gun Works. In an effort to manufacture high performance guns, we needed top quality parts. There was a lack of quality, machined parts, so out of necessity...
  3. What You Need to Know About Our Keystone Rings

    What You Need to Know About Our Keystone Rings
    Why are they called the Keystone Rings? Are they made out of stone? Our Keystone Rings' name is an homage to the official state nickname of Pennsylvania, where we lovingly call home. U.S. history is important to us and we are proud to be located in a state with such deep history, especially materials and manufacturing. Being located in the...
  4. Can You Believe It - .50 BMG Rated?!

    Can You Believe It - .50 BMG Rated?!
    We received a Facebook message from Grant H., one of our customers asking if our Keystone Rings were .50 BMG rated. He had another brand's rings that were .50 BMG rated and he had issues with them. We responded saying we had not tested them on a .50 before, surprisingly, no one here has a .50 BMG with a spare...
  5. Straight Wall Cartridges

    Straight Wall Cartridges
    What's old is new again, again. There has been a resurgence in straight wall cartridges stemming from new laws on the books in certain states. Previously only allowing shotguns for hunting deer, states like Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and our own Pennsylvania are now allowing the use of rifles chambered for straight wall cartridges. Now, this isn't hunting advice, we always...
  6. 1911 Rear Sight Cuts

    1911 Rear Sight Cuts
    There are many different commonly used rear sight cuts for 1911s. This image covers many of the most popular that we make plates for. Novak The most popular rear sight cut is the Novak cut. The bottom of the dovetail measures around .50". Many 1911s use this cut, from Colts to Rock Islands. Some manufacturers do a better job at...
  7. Savage FAQs

    Savage FAQs
    Savage Arms has been around for over 100 years. Through the years, models have come and gone and changes to their models have naturally occurred as well. We have a great knowledge of Savage rifles and which mounts fit specific applications. The Savage Shooters Forum is also an excellent resource for an even deeper dive into the world of Savage...
  8. Scope Ring FAQs

    Scope Ring FAQs
    We've seen it before - you have your gun and your scope, but that new short tube, 34mm glass you bought doesn't play nicely on your 7mm Mag. Your go-to twist in rings will not suffice, the tube is too short to reach. You must now use some sort of one piece rail with separate rings! Fear not, we have...
  9. How to Install Our Scope Mounts

    How to Install Our Scope Mounts
    You need to mount your scope to your gun, but how? There are many different options, but one of the most common ways to get your glass on your gun is by using an accessory rail. Which one should I choose? Well, a picatinny rail of course. Picatinny rails have a standardized set of dimensions which allow manufacturers to make...
  10. Tikka T3 FAQs

    Tikka T3 FAQs
    I am purchasing a mount for my Tikka T3. How do I know which screws I need?Pre-2003 Tikka T3 rifles use 3.5 x .5 metric screws.Post-2003 Tikka T3 rifles use 6-48 screws. I have received my mount for the Tikka T3 but the screws will not start. What do I do? Did I order the wrong screws?The diameter of the...

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