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EGW Blog

  1. Our New Printable Radius Gauge/Hole Spacing Guide

    Our New Printable Radius Gauge/Hole Spacing Guide
    Hunters and shooters, are you tired of buying scope rails only to find out they don't fit your rifle? EGW has developed a solution in the form of the Rail Gauge, a free and printable tool that helps you understand your rifle's measurements. The Rail Gauge is a multi-functional tool that will assist you in determining the radius of your...
  2. Local Shooting Ranges

    1000 Yard Ranges PA Original 1000 Yard Benchrest ClubWebsite  |  Facebook197 Kelly RoadTrout Run, PA 17771 Mifflin County Sportsman's AssociationWebsite  |  FacebookEllen Chapel LaneLewistown, PA 17044-2129717-247-2640 Ridgway Rifle ClubWebsite  |  FacebookGrant RoadRidgway, PA 15853814-772-6510Email 500+ Yard Ranges Altoona Rifle and Pistol ClubWebsite  |  Facebook  |  NSSF Page546 Pistol Club RoadAltoona, PA 16603-0383Email Atglen Sportsmen's ClubWebsite  |  Facebook  |  NSSF Page82...
  3. New Product Requests

    New Product Requests
    Sometimes, we don't make exactly what you need. If that is ever the case, we want to know how to serve you better! We are always looking for new products to manufacture. Send us an email and let us know. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly. If you have any requests, please email us at [email protected]
  4. Krebs 1911 Frame Beavertail Cutting Fixture

    Krebs 1911 Frame Beavertail Cutting Fixture
    The Krebs beavertail fixture allows you to easily setup and cut a full tang 1911 frame for a beavertail. Checkout the video here. Krebs Beavertail Fixture InstructionsDownload
  5. Smith & Wesson Revolver Picatinny Rails and Red Dot Mounts

    Are you looking to mount a scope or a red dot to your Smith & Wesson revolver? Our picatinny rails and red dot mounts allow you to easily install your optic and will have you hunting or on the range in no time. There are three quick steps to verify your gun is able to use one of our mounts...
  6. Purchase Orders

    If you are looking to have us manufacture products for you, please provide us with a completed purchase order with all of the necessary information. To have an order placed in our workflow, there must be a completed purchase order submitted to [email protected] If you need a template purchase order sheet, we have provided two options for you. The spreadsheet...
  7. Why our bases don't use recoil lugs.

    Why our bases don't use recoil lugs.
    When we mount a scope on a receiver we have to make choices. Which scope mount, which set of rings. There are many choices on the market and everyone makes their mounts and rings a little bit different. Some are picatinny, some are weaver, some use recoil lugs, others don't. We are asked quite often, why our mounts do not...
  8. Sig M17 / P320 Cut Dimensions

    Sig M17 / P320 Cut Dimensions
    Sig has quite a few different plate cuts for their optics ready firearms. For non-optic ready guns, check out our dovetail mounting plates for red dots here. We currently make mounts that fit two slide cuts. One for the earlier RX models that came with the original Romeo1 cut. The other style of plate that we make fits the P320...
  9. How We Beat Inflation

    How We Beat Inflation
    The year is 1991. A gallon of gas cost $1.14, a loaf of bread was $0.69 and an ounce of gold cost $362. EGW opened it's doors as a gunsmithing shop, hence Evolution Gun Works. In an effort to manufacture high performance guns, we needed top quality parts. There was a lack of quality, machined parts, so out of necessity...
  10. What You Need to Know About Our Keystone Rings

    What You Need to Know About Our Keystone Rings
    Why are they called the Keystone Rings? Are they made out of stone? Our Keystone Rings' name is an homage to the official state nickname of Pennsylvania, where we lovingly call home. U.S. history is important to us and we are proud to be located in a state with such deep history, especially materials and manufacturing. Being located in the...

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